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Raúl likes to chop, but would he be able to revisit it? In the midst of international matches of the week, we pause to talk about nutrition. Two hours of cauliflower emulsions, piping bags and: I'm going … With Alexia, Florian, Merouan, Camille, Damien and Guillaume. So who will raise the trophy this year?

22:50: Christian Constant is Ghislain Printemps.

10:49 pm: " When the cameraman approaches"

10:47 p.m.: Roe deer – hazelnuts – sweet potatoes – passion fruit. Take this, Pep. So that's it, theTotal kitchen?

22:45: Wild game, what a prejudice for Damien! In the comments, do you prefer the blue duck like the purists?

22:43: @Blatter kills me : "Fabio Coentrao?"


Fabio Cointreau

@Blatter that sticks to @Phil …Incredible!

10:41 p.m.: Well, let's not lie, the hay chosen by Damien is nothing extraordinary. When they cooked in the forest two years ago, it was still something else.


10:38 p.m.: Here we are again! I leave you a few minutes later, after I am forced to throw the points of the charade into the garbage … In the meantime, Camille cooks her pigeon in chestnuts, incongruent as if I were putting Crivelli on my toe.

10:34 pm: Franck Passi has already found.

10:30 p.m.: @God saves Keane : "Thierry Henry?"

Well tried, but that's not it! I take advantage of the advertising to give you the charade below, with a positive index:

– My first precedes the ground
– My second is Mamère Christmas apples
– My third is an alcohol that mixes very well on the plate with chicken, duck, chocolate or orange
– My all played 19 games with AS Monaco in 2015-2016 and we have already forgotten on the spot.

Who am I?

10:28 p.m.: So what does Camille do? Pigeon stew cooked on chestnuts, good memories of small trains, the Christmas market with his father and all these good memories … NO, NOT THE BAGS. We remain focused on the kitchen.

10:27 p.m.: @Omar Listening : "@Theo we would not agree that Merouane forced the valves a little?"

Personally I have a small problem with the guys who call themselves "acrobatsBut it contains a certain culinary genius, so we respect.

10:24 p.m.: Merouan dealing with Constant Chief of "not no", Drowning his flesh in a puddle of butter, what a great sick man.


– My first precedes the ground
– My second is Mamère Christmas apples
– My third marries very well on the plate with chicken, duck, chocolate or orange
– My everything has played 19 games with AS Monaco and we have already forgotten it.

Who am I?

10:20 p.m.: Oh, Christian Constant! He no longer has glasses, he seems rejuvenated, warm to the heart. Laser eyes for him.

10:18 p.m.: Seriously, how can you do something?crunchy and meltedAt the same time? And then you see, Trap explains that he doesn't want to overlap two flavors, but create a third. Not stacking talents, but creating a real team, this is the key to success.

10:15 p.m.: Well, let's make a small point halfway: let's go to the second part of the issue, to Jean-Francois Trap, the boy who cooks by setting fire to the straw. Afterwards, he calls him: "a modern stewAnd grab two stars.

10:14 p.m.: SAMUEL THAT TAKES IT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE NETWORKS !! It is RE-TOUR in the competition, the logic was respected, since it had been eliminated last week.

10:14 p.m.: It's already over for Ibrahim and Mael, Ben Arfa and Maxime Lopez return to their respective clubs.

22:10: @jaimelefootenmarchant : "Pascal does not deceive anyone, Philippe remains the best …"

Hell, are you talking about Phil? Yesterday in the insomnia I put on the best of his adventures, I had completely forgotten that he had turned his dagger to Vanessa, what a man. With his "small bézot"There.

10:08 p.m.: If Ibrahim goes away it's crazy, the real big odds of this round. Mael has hidden everything under his cabbage while we know from the S1 that the leaders hate, what bad tactics …

10:07 p.m.: AH, Ibrahim's dish! With a readable presentation like Twitter by Jean-Michel Aulas, to see if it meets the same success.

10:05 p.m.: Jean-François Piège is a true coach, it seems Christophe Pélissier.

10:04 p.m.: Wow, Baptiste's pot is as clean as a 4-4-2 pot.

22:03: Let's wait a little longer to talk about the similarity between Pascal Dupraz and Philippe Etchebest?

10:02 p.m.: We are back on the air with the tasting of Samuel's dish. Plate with volume, a nice poached pear, smells good.

22h00: AND GO FOR @Phil …!

Fer-Nando Knife
Fernando Couto

Congratulations also to @God saves Keane, beaten on the gong. The others are coming, you will have the opportunity to come back late.


– My first is adored by Tony Stark
– My second closed his career point record yesterday
– My third is the cook's best friend
– My everything is a football player

I am, am I, am I?

9:53 p.m.: Are you ready for Ibrahim's tasting? It will be a butcher shop. They put the thieves of the pubs, they're smart. I gave you charades to wait, are you ready?

9:51 p.m.: Oh, the reversal of the situation! Mael, who comes to tie his sauce with giblets, is very well played!

21:50: Mael has just fucked three quarters of his sauce in the towel, it's superb.

9:48 p.m.: "My choux do not dream, apparently.Oh, shock phrase.

9:47 p.m.: For Maël, it will be cooked on the bone, hare juice, cabbage stuffed with hare and quince, with blackberries on the right and left. At least he didn't take the pear, he stands out. Then the stuffed cabbage, a true classic that returns every year, a bit like Strasbourg's home win against PSG in December.

21:45: Mael is perhaps very fortunate, but we all know very well that Pascal Koh-Lanta is the king of councils.

21:43: @Phil …

"So, in the absence of a pronoun, the expectations:
1. Whether Battista or Samuele return
2. Camille is leaving
Why good, at this time of the competition, it's nice to raise the level!

We are in agreement, Camille jumps. You have nothing to do there, it's Sarreguemines.

21:42: Olala, Baptiste coming to us from Gilles Goujon! "Move your ass"Face the throat!

21:40: Pear-duck> Iniesta-Xavi

21:38: Let's go to Baptiste: saddle with bone, onions cooked in broth and stuffed with Jerusalem artichoke risotto, red fruit lacquer, foie gras and tonka beans. It's not disgusting, but where are your fruits, little man?

@abistodenas : "Gilles Goujon, the greatest chef of all times of the Aude: the inn of the old well! If you have 500 balls in front of you, go ahead, without hesitation (this will leave you a much more imperishable memory than a credit smartphone)"

Oh yes, at 500 balls I hope his quince is fat.

21:35 @Cocoreus : "Sorry Théo, I'm on Burger Quiz."

I can't blame you, but do you know how to make a homemade ketchup?

9:32 p.m.: Seriously, the only thing more disorganized than Ibrahim is the defense of Dijon.

9:31 p.m.: "Root vegetables, it's good when it's cooked.He doesn't care about Ibrahim, he'll need the cru in Goujon, normal.

9:27 p.m.: Hahaha, the mentally ill Ibrahim who was attacking my Alexia. Cheh, Helen. If he wants to return, the boy will have to learn to delegate, because here he wants to do everything at the same time: cooking the roast saddle, a cromesquis, a Jerusalem artichoke mousse, scorzonera, a red fruit coulis, pear and quince.

The boy starts at twelve meters at the same time, it looks like Poyet when he arrives in Bordeaux.

21:25: I am very skeptical about the filling of farce-foie gras, impossible to know what flavor it would have had.

9:23 p.m.: Association of passions of hare-passion, it is as if you put Daniel Alves and Mbappé on one side: too offensive.

9:21 p.m.: But look at what he puts into his Samuel salad bowl! It's not cooking, it's compost.

21:20: Stud, he clearly spends more time on his quince piece than on Deschamps to think about his songs.

9:17 p.m.: For beginners, candidates will work on a saddle of hare. The dish your kids jump into the canteen because it's nice, while it's very good with a good mustard sauce.

21:14: @Padls : "While there were important female games to comment on it is bad to do so. I think you're about to make an oven."

One minute of silence for PSG, please.

21:13: Here we are! The cards are redistributed tonight, blah. The news ofrailleryis that the first candidates eliminated will return to the competition and fight to get back! We know that the struggle for the climb. Then we'll visit Jean-François Piège, the guy who cooks like McGyver.

21:10: @ManodesMontagnes : "The three peppers are important"

I take this excellent word game to tell you that the 22-hour shots pass my keyboard to Matz Sels.

21:09: I prefer to tell you that I now have an unconditional love for Alexia, and it's probably because she blushes at the slightest compliment, like Yoann Gourcuff. Their second common point is their common propensity to injure themselves as soon as they have something close to them.

9:02 p.m.: AH, THE PROGRAM! obviously "candidates must impress Gilles Goujon", Which has three Michelin stars since 2010 and five hats at Gault & Millau since 2009. Or a much better resume than Jocelyn Gourvennec.

21:00 While we wait to see the little trunk of this stupid idiot Stephane Rotenberg, we will be forced to touch Scenes de Ménages, and I'm sorry.

8:57 p.m.: A boy who one day would have had this beautiful phrase in an interview: "I confess that when I played as a defensive midfielder I liked the contact, they called me the lawnmower: I shaved everything that passed."

8:55 p.m.: Hi cooks! Do you have a compote back? Is the mine defeated? Do you want to bring your panard on a lacquered duck? Tonight, no Thomas Tuchel diet, and we will try to make a slow sugar more original than the pesto pasta. In the program of the sixth channel, is the Top 6 of Top Chef, a "cult of paf" show, as my grandmother used to say. And who is still at the origin of a "sports talk showPresented by Norbert.

By Théo Denmat

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