LIVE – Unemployment insurance: "We want to make the bonus system malus", announces Édouard Philippe in Europe 1


What is the result of the organized national consultation? How does the government learn Europeans? What lessons can be drawn from the "yellow jackets" movement? On Friday 15 March, the last day of the "great national debate", Édouard Philippe brought some preliminary answers during a special morning on Europa 1, from 7:30 am to 9:00 am. The prime minister answered questions from Nikos Aliagas, Audrey Crespo-Mara, Jean-Michel Aphatie and listeners from Europe 1.

Information to remember:

  • Edouard Philippe was the exceptional guest of Europa 1 morning from 7.30 to 9 o'clock
  • The Prime Minister welcomes the candidacy of Nathalie Loiseau to the European candidacy as "good news"
  • On unemployment insurance, Edouard Philippe announces: "We want to create the malus bonus system"

Nathalie Loiseau candidate? "Good news" Edouard Philippe was initially led to respond to the possible candidacy of Nathalie Loiseau in the European elections. "I am ready to be a candidate" in the European elections, said European Affairs Minister Nathalie Loiseau, during the "Political Issue" on France 2. The Prime Minister welcomed this announcement as "good news".

"He is an excellent minister, who knows his records very well, has an excellent political sense, is an extremely determined woman and a fighter, and she was interested in this issue, in the stakes of these elections. Not surprised, this is good news, a good candidate, "the Prime Minister said. Before clarifying that the LREM list for Europeans has not been stopped. "What we want is to make a rally list, and the best way to make a rally list is to have a campaign fund that can bring the event together". And then there are candidates who are the embodiment of this rally. We will build a list with this spirit ", concludes Edouard Philippe.

Unemployment insurance: "We want to create the bonus malus system". The social partners have not agreed, the government has resumed unemployment insurance reform. A decree is scheduled for this summer. Edouard Philippe has provided some details on this future reform. He says on our antenna: "We want to make the bonus malus system" to limit precarious contracts.

"My subject is not so much the savings as the transformation of the system, it is a reform that is made to encourage the return to work", explained the prime minister questioned by a European listener. 1, Jean-Philippe, 60 years in a month, looking for a job in the pharmaceutical industry. "We want to be sure that precariousness is no longer the norm. The number of precarious contracts is considerable," complained Edouard Philippe. Before detailing:

"We want to move forward on a system in which companies will not have advantages when they choose to make short contracts repeatedly, but instead, if necessary, they will be penalized. This means that those who recruit with permanent contracts and organize themselves in such a way as to have the least possible precariousness in their sector can have advantages and those who play on precariousness can be penalized ".

Christophe Castaner "has all my confidence". "I don't read the people in the press, I have no comment to make on the privacy of Christophe Castaner, the Minister of the Interior has all my confidence," the Prime Minister replied after the publication of Closer is Here of private photos of the "first policeman of France". Photos of an evening attended by the Interior Minister last weekend were revealed by the two weekly celebrities, Friday. "It concerns my private life and my family, which can be respected", replied Christophe Castaner at Parisian. "I entered an evening in a totally private environment between 11:30 pm and 2:00 am."

The power? "If someone thinks it is easy, they stop". "I never thought it was easy." To the question of Nikos Aliagas, Edouard Philippe also mentioned the difficulties inherent in his function. "If there are some who think it's easy, they are planting," the prime minister said. "Over time, procedures, regulations, habits, habits have been settled by the fact that when you try to change something you come across a system that can give the impression that it is blocked," he explained. Edouard Philippe. And to follow up: "So when you want to change something, you need a remarkable determination".

Redirect inflation pensions? "I heard the message". This is a long-standing grunt from the beginning of the five-year Macron: retirees regularly express their anger over the decline in purchasing power they feel they have suffered for too long. At the center of this resentment, is the deindication of pensions on inflation. This measure affects sixteen million French people who see their retirement blocked while the cost of living continues to increase. A tiredness that takes shape today in the great national debate: the indexation of withdrawals is one of the most formulated requests.

Asked Friday on Europe 1 by our economic columnist Axel de Tarlé, Édouard Philippe says "perfectly listens to the observations made by those in retreat". "For them, the deindication is a real concern," the Prime Minister admits. So much so that even within the government, the reopening debate was opened by Gérald Darmanin or Agnès Buzyn. "I hear a number of voices calling for the reindexing of small pensions for 2020. Politics is listening, I hear this message," says Philippe, who adds that he is waiting for "the parliamentary evaluation" to decide.

On the ecological transition: "our planet has no choice, we must go". Is the government taking the measure of the climate emergency? While the youth of the world will march on Friday, at the invitation of the Swedish friend Greta Thunberg and the day after the presentation of a complaint for climatic inertia by several NGOs, including the Nicolas Hulot Foundation, Edouard Philippe pleaded for a "transition ecological "True" Friday on Europe 1. " I understand the impatience expressed by Nicolas Hulot and the young people who are going to parade, is very legitimate. In a sense, I share a lot.

"The ecological transition, there is no choice," the Prime Minister said. "Our planet has no choice, we have to enter. So we can discuss whether to go very fast or go a little slower, because if we go very fast we will give up a lot of things and it will not be acceptable, but of course you have to go. "


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