Lives at risk: Documents on local staff left at the British Embassy in Kabul

According to newspaper journalist Anthony Lloyd, who visited the abandoned embassy district this week with a Taliban escort, the documents were thrown to the ground.

“It is definitely not good enough,” the documents are abandoned as follows – accessible to all, Defense Minister Ben Wallis said.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will “ask some questions” about what has happened, he added.

“We will find out and get to the heart of the matter,” the minister told radio LBC.

The documents mention the names and addresses of senior embassy staff, contact information of other staff, CVs and addresses of people who have applied for interpreters, Lloyd said.

He called some of the phone numbers he found and found that some people had left Afghanistan while others were still in the country. Among them were three Afghan workers and eight members of their families stranded next to Kabul airport, waiting to leave the country.

However, according to the government, these people were found and brought to safety.

Nothing is known about the fate of at least two job applicants, according to The Times.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee said it would investigate why the documents had been abandoned, leaving diplomats in a hurry to leave the embassy.

With the withdrawal of the US and other foreign military contingents from Afghanistan, the Taliban launched a general offensive operation this month and quickly seized almost the entire territory of the country, but on August 15, Kabul fell into their hands.

Taliban control alone has not come under Taliban control, where Taliban opponents have established a center of resistance to the radical Islamist regime.

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