LiveU tests “network slicing” on 5G networks for remote TV production

June 6, 2022

LiveU partnered with Ericsson and RAI to test how network slicing in 5G networks can help with remote TV production. This experimental setup divides a 5G network into logically separate sections and is expected to allow journalists and television crews to broadcast live data-intensive video signals from wherever they are.

“Network slicing” technically guarantees bandwidths exactly tailored to customer needs. This applies even to highly congested mobile communication cells.

LiveU, Ericsson and RAI worked together as part of the EU 5G-RECORDS project, designed to develop, integrate, validate and demonstrate specific 5G components in end-to-end 5G infrastructures for the professional production of audiovisual multimedia content.

Segmented 5G with guaranteed performance

As part of the tests, an LU800 PRO portable streaming solution transmitted multiple audio and video sources through an Ericsson 5G stand-alone private 5G lab setup in Aachen, Germany, over the public internet, to RAI studios. in Turin, Italy.

There, a LiveU LU2000 server received the video and output it as SMPTE 2110. SMPTE 2110 is a set of standards from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers that describes how to send digital media over an IP network.

In the 5G network, a segment was configured to provide approximately 60 Mbps as an uplink-oriented priority. In some of the tests, transmission was carried out with a single modem via the uplink-facing “guaranteed throughput segment”. In addition, transmission performance was measured while emulated congestion was applied to the network in parallel to the LU800 PRO uplink transmission.

Intercom and return audio

Several additional capabilities of LiveU’s remote production solution were also tested as part of the project, including remote audio capabilities (intercom and return audio), remote camera iris/shading control via the device control service integrated LiveU 5G IP-PIPE remote and LU2000 SMPTE-2110 A/V output compliance.

Baruch Altman, AVP of technologies and projects, LiveU, said: “This was a very important and comprehensive set of tests of network slicing scenarios, providing clearly measurable results. The test also highlighted the key role that LiveU IP bonding will play when it comes to professional production in real-world conditions, including where and when dedicated segments will be deployed for upload.”

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