Lo de Mariana is here, Mariana Fabbiani’s new cycle on eltrece’s screen: “Let’s talk about what to talk about”

There is less and less to the start of Mariana’s, the new cycle that leads Mariana Fabbiani by the screen of eltrece. From Monday 12 at 11:30, the driver will be at the forefront of a current affairs and entertainment magazine, in which Mariana will open the doors of your house to receive large guests.

The driver It will be accompanied by the renowned chef Christophe Krywonis, who will teach countless recipes, tricks and gastronomic curiosities. Your dishes will be tasted by the guests who Mariana will interview through sections, topics and different slogans.

The news will be in charge of the journalist Federico Seeber, who will develop the main topics of Argentina and the world and will also have the participation and speech of Martina Soto Pose.


I think we are going to make a program that will be able to inform people, cheer them up, teach them, because Christophe is going to teach us to cook, to eat what he cooks every day. I know we’re going to have fun. There’s Fede, I know him from the corridors, but we still don’t have that confidence, and he knows everything. I am re happy with Martina, when I saw her on ‘CQC’ I said that she was a super empowered woman. Is named Mariana’s because I have the feeling that it is my home. We are going to have guests, we are going to play, we are going to eat, to talk about what to talk about”, He counted Mariana.

The expectation is huge and it gives me the feeling that it will be Christophe who is going to manage the WhatsApp group. There is a lot of news, all the time, so I’m going to try to tell you what’s going on”, Explained Fede Seeber.

I’m going to cook Mariana, Fede, Martina and everyone who goes through the program, always doing simple things, but renewed. We are going to leave the milanga. More than putting myself as a judge who evaluates everyone, I start cooking with others”Was Christophe’s comment.

My role in Mariana’s she is going to be the announcer, but I don’t rule out putting a few more teaspoons on the “plate” that the program is going to be. When i met her Mariana, if I had to highlight something, she is exactly how you see her on screen: she is very fresh and spontaneous”, Closed Martina.

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