Sport "Loco" Abreu reveals how his life was in danger...

“Loco” Abreu reveals how his life was in danger before being presented in America

In 2003 Sebastián “El Loco” Abreu arrived at the Águilas del América in one of the most controversial negotiations of those times, however, the same forward said that just before being presented his life was in imminent danger.

In an interview for Fox Sports, Abreu related everything that happened when he boarded the flight that would bring him to Mexico:

“I had to present myself in the preseason with América and the flight the club gets for me is Montevideo-Buenos Aires-Buenos Aires-Miami-Mexico City. I was with the champagne, the canapés, they start to bring the wine, the water and I start to smell a burning smell. Then the stewardess begins to speak in English to explain what it is, I was trying to catch something and next to me comes a 14-year-old girl who begins to cry, she hugged her mother, and when the stewardess passes by, I ask her for a “The explanation tells me that an engine was set on fire and they would attempt a maneuver to make a forced landing in Asunción,” the Uruguayan explained.

“I always choose a window because it gives me a certain security to watch, unconsciously it relaxes me, and that time I was in the middle, I look out and I see firefighters and ambulances, lights of all colors. We landed and they poured water on us everywhere, we went down the slide. Nerves passed, they put us all in a hotel in Asunción and we left the next day at 11 in the morning. We return to the airport, the same people were in the same seats, and the stewardess who changed the plane explains to me, the day before, I was nervous with a piece of gum, which I had glued down, suddenly I fuss and I meet my chewing gum! ”, confessed the former striker of the America

For everyone’s fortune, there was no major complication and this only remained as a bad memory.


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