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Everyone is looking forward to Logitech’s co-branded illustration products again! Hand in hand with the Internet to vote for the super popular to heal the cute host, and effortlessly conquer the “Kabo” of the meaty people, and jointly launch the “Logitech X Diary of Cats, Insects, Kabos, and Powers” co-branded wireless mouse combination and keys Mouse gift box. From work, life to imagination, illustrations capture all kinds of super-kawaii “cappo-style” philosophies. Holding a mouse in hand can bring full positive energy to the boring life of “stressful”. The K580+Pebble M350 keyboard and mouse gift box set is even more value-for-money, plus a full version of the healing mouse pad and modeling keyboard pendant, allowing the lazy coffee to accompany you all the time!

careful! The rotten wave is about to hit!A variety of Q cute co-branded wireless mouse covers make you “hands” helpless

Following the Malay Tapir Laimo and Caterpillar Cultural and Creative Creation, Logitech continues to lead the trend. With consumers’ expectation, 2021 will be co-branded with the super-popular cat, cat, insect, and Kabo, with the theme of “The Diary of Softness by Strength”. The daily aspirations of the meat’s lives, various situations are so cute that they make people’s eyes show love, including: “roaming in the universe” where people are absent from the company, “lie down when they are full and sleepy”, “blessing sweets” where they weigh like clouds, The lazy “home fitness” and the whole world are the “forest superstars” of the Kabo concert. Five hand-painted illustrations of Kabo match the pebble-like, round and smooth Pebble M350 wireless mouse, making the mouse not only office supplies, but also a good friend who heals the body and mind during office work. It will blow up cats and insects again. Panic buying in the universe!

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 Logitech X Cat Cat Chong Kabo Launches Co-branded Keyboard and Mouse Products-2

Meaty people must buy!Super cute Kabo universe K580+Pebble M350 keyboard and mouse gift box set

Logitech and Mao Mao Chong Kabo also launched the K580+Pebble M350 keyboard and mouse gift box set, which provides two colors of “Cabo Belly White” and “Dog Nose Black” for you to choose! The combination includes an ultra-thin portable K580 multi-tasking Bluetooth keyboard that can be easily switched between devices through the Easy-Switch function, and a gift box limited “jumping coffee” style Pebble M350 wireless mouse, providing the quietest, quietest, comfortable and smooth User experience. In addition, the gift box is even more exclusive-the full version of the Gabo daily mouse pad and the Kabo-shaped keyboard pendant with the mouse cat and bug on the back. Just staring at you can greatly relieve the stress of you!

 Logitech X Cat Cat Chong Kabo Launches Co-branded Keyboard and Mouse Products-3

Are you ready to play with Mao Mao Chong Kabo? Logitech and Mao Mao Chong Kabo co-branded the “soft diary with strength” series will be launched on October 13, Pebble M350 wireless mouse cover set will be in the Logi network flagship store PChome, momo, Yahoo, Shopee, Tsann Kuen, Shunfa , Mitsui, Liangxing and other limited channels are available for sale at a suggested price of $799 per set; the K580+Pebble M350 keyboard and mouse gift box set will be sold exclusively on momo shopping network, Tsann Kuen store and shopping network, and also provides “I’m soft !” The channel has a limited price of $1,990, and you can quickly collect the full amount! For more details, please see the event website:https://reurl.cc/Q66o2p

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Logitech’s best-selling K580 thin and light silent keyboard and Pebble M350 wireless mouse are the most fashionable trend

With professional technology and stylish aesthetics, Logitech, in order to provide consumers with the highest quality user experience, specially combines the best-selling K580 ultra-thin cross-platform Bluetooth keyboard with the lightweight and beautiful Pebble M350 wireless mouse to launch the super popular Kabo co-branded keyboard and mouse The gift box set meets the expectations of more fashion and illustration fans.

The Logitech K580 cross-platform Bluetooth keyboard has an ultra-slim and stylish appearance and a scissor-foot button design, providing a quiet and silent typing experience and comfortable keyboard feedback. Dual-mode connection with Logitech Unifying receiver via Bluetooth allows two devices to be connected at the same time, and supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, etc. Easy Switch one-key switching is more convenient. The streamlined keyboard design provides the most complete shortcut key content, including 15 shortcut keys for screen access, media control, etc., which greatly improves the efficiency of work and allows users to perfect their excellent productivity. With a battery life of about 24 months, there is no need to worry about power issues regardless of whether you are working at home or going out.

The lightweight and beautiful Pebble M350 wireless mouse has a minimalist fashion style and pebble-like round and comfortable feel. With the wireless mouse function, it provides a lightweight and high-convenience experience. The mute button can reduce noise interference by more than 90%, and enhance a quiet and focused space. Equipped with Logitech’s exclusive optical tracking technology, it can accurately and quickly track the mouse positioning, providing a more stable user experience. Pebble M350 supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, etc. It can connect two devices at the same time, and is equipped with Bluetooth for easy connection. It also supports Logitech Unifying technology. One-click switching brings higher efficiency. With power saving mode and automatic sleep function, with up to 18 months of battery life, it demonstrates excellent battery life.

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