LOH 2021 Tokyo | Such a shame! The Czechs started well, but in the end they did not manage the key battle for promotion

Beach volleyball players Ondřej Perušič and David Schweiner lost at the Olympic Games with Russian world champions Oleg Stojanovský and Vyacheslav Krasilnikov after sets of 21:19, 13:21, 8:15 and were eliminated in the group in Tokyo. José Rubio condemned them to the fourth place with the equality of points with the Mexican pair José Rubio, despite the victory in the mutual duel, the set balance, which they had worse due to the contumacy of the first match. They could not do so due to Perušič’s positive test for coronavirus and his subsequent ten-day isolation.

After the unexpected victory of the Mexicans over the hitherto 100% Latvians Martins Plavinš and Edgars Točs, the Czechs needed to win and started hopefully. The even first set ended with the seventh spoiled service of the tournament doubles from Russia. The Russians entered the second set better, reaching a four-point lead. The winners of the March World Circuit in Doha withdrew at 10:11, but the conclusion clearly belonged to Krasilnikov and Stoyanovsky.

The reigning world champions were clearly on top in the tie-break, in which Krasilnikov shone with some great interventions in the field. On the contrary, Perushic, to whom most of the Russian services were directed, was troubled in the attack and unusually often spoiled. The Russians repaid the Czech pair with a semi-final defeat from the June four-star tournament in Ostrava.

At their premiere, Perušič and Schweiner took 19th place in the final standings, divided into 19th place, as did the only Czech female couple Barbora Hermannová, Markéta Nausch Sluková. He did not interfere in the tournament at all due to a positive test by Nausch Sluková.

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