Loire: a mayor offers a "good fuel" monthly of 50 euros to go to work

The increase in fuel prices makes motorists tremble – PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP

In full resentment against the pump price increase, the Mayor of Roche-la-Molière (Loire) has decided to offer its citizens the most modest "good fuel" monthly up to 50 euros to get to their job .

The principle of this push, which is for the Smic people forced to bring their car to their workplace, was adopted on Friday, declared to the AFP Eric Berlivet, mayor (former UDI, SE) of this municipality of about 10,000 inhabitants.

"Encourage those who have a job not to give up"

The goal of this "good fuel", worth 50 euros full time, broken down by part-time, is "to encourage those who have a job not to give up because of the new 7% increase of taxes on fuel is scheduled for January 1, "added the chief magistrate of this city in the metropolis of Saint Etienne.

The vouchers will be distributed from 1 January for a period of six months. Another condition to benefit from it, traveling between 15 and 40 kilometers to go to work, because beyond it is a tax aid device, specifies the elected one who wants to "privilege critical action" "and still ignores the number of potential beneficiaries of this aid. The mayor had lent his support to Emmanuel Macron during the presidential elections.

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