LoL rank distribution in 2021: How are they compared to 2020?

The distribution of ranks in League of Legends, as in almost all video games online, is very varied and serves to analyze what general level there is in the game in terms of qualifiers, or at least an approximate review.

One of the most useful tools for Riot Games, which can see the impact that one of the most important changes has had on the rankeds compared to 2020: eliminate cross-division promotions.

A Reddit user named pyrofiend4 has made a comparative graph between the distribution of ranges from last year (2020) to the current one in the same season height to compare, and the results are very curious.

Although the author himself assures that he has only used the North American data to carry them out, he does believe that globally the changes in the distribution are similar, and here are some clear examples:

  • The range of ‘Master’ is the one that has had the most change
    • Last year there were 200 players in Master, when now there are more than 1700
  • The new tier of iron had 8% of the players last year
    • This only has 2.5%, so it is becoming increasingly empty
  • Diamante 4 It is the emptiest Diamond division of all, when before it was the ‘well’ of the division
  • All divisions 1 of all ranks are much smaller except for Bronze and of Iron
  • The ranges of Oro down appear less represented in 2021, with 2020 being much larger in this sense

This image above shows the distribution from Platinum 1 to Challenger in EUW, confirming that the Master rank is much larger in Europe as well, and that the Diamond 4 divisions are much smaller.

Keep in mind that this data will not be 100% accurate compared to the possible database that Riot Games uses, since it has used the page to do it and perhaps not all the results are accurate, but it is curious and informative.


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