Lola Indigo conquers Seville: "They don’t stop us with 20 power outages, nor with seven trucks, nor with eight thousand war tanks. Not even God stops us!"

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Anyone who has never been to a Lola Índigo concert does not know what a real party is. And the grenadine transforms any venue into a true nightclub. And this Saturday, in the Plaza de España in Seville, was not the exception. Universal Music inaugurated its concert series Santalucía Music Week with a recital by the person responsible for Yo ya no Quiero ná. According to sources from the record company, the concert was not supposed to last more than 80 minutes. Despite this, Miriam Doblas -as is the artist’s real name- she forgot about the clock and simply listened to the five thousand people who gathered to see her.

Around nine at night – in a big tent full of fans and well-known faces, such as Lola Lolita, Anita Matamoros y Alfred García- appeared Lola Indigo, who was hiding inside the silver egg, which characterizes his The Dragon tour. Apparently, the performer was happy with her performance. But various sound problems forced the show to be suspended in the first song. 15 minutes later, Lola repeated her first song Animal de ella. However, the microphones failed again and the star had to disappear from the stage… Although when she returned, she did so in glory and majesty.

“I had to do a 2×1, because the sound wasn’t working well. But I want you to know that they don’t stop us with 20 power outages, nor with seven trucks, nor with eight thousand war tanks. Not even God stops us! And I’m going to continue with the show. If this problem is useful for anything, it is to show that I can give even more. And I will do it, because Seville does not fail. Seville has sold out again… And that is why I have returned. In theory, we finished the tour two weeks ago. But we were very excited to come back to you and we have decided to do it,” she explained, to applause.

Likewise, the famous woman informed her followers that she has reflected on her successful tour and has come to the conclusion that she must continue. “We have made a reform to the egg and we have decided to continue touring with The Dragon throughout Spain… And what you will see today is only part of this update,” she announced before singing hits like Disco, The Band-Aid y The school girl. Songs that the Spaniard performed in collaboration with other singers and that, unlike many performers, she chooses to sing in their entirety. Even Lola sings the parts that, in her original version, belong to María Becerra, Belén Aguilera or Belinda.

Later he sang 4 kisses. The theme that popularized, in 2021, along with Raw Alejandro. During her performance, Lola wanted to raise the temperature with highly erotic steps. Movements quite similar to those performed by Aitana and for which she has received criticism. But Indigo’s audience – which is usually childish and family-oriented – does not seem to get angry. The reason? Since the beginning of her career, in 2018, the Andalusian has exploited her sensuality. What’s more, it is not strange to see her kissing one of her eight dancers. As happened tonight, three times.

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