London fuel crisis: panic at petrol stations

For the third day in a row, cars have been standing in long queues at London petrol stations. The British government says there is no reason to panic and there is no need to rush to buy spare parts.

The British government is blaming the public for the ongoing stir, which reportedly even started to buy more fuel than usual in the road transport sector. “If drivers bought fuel as usual, there would be no problem,” the Cabinet of Ministers said.

The Minister of Transport has called on motorists to think and not to panic, because there is enough fuel in the country, ”writes Sky News.

The British Minister for Transport, Grant Shap, told the newspaper: “I think it is important to know that there are enough fuel in the country’s six refineries and 47 storage facilities, and there is no shortage of fuel in the country.”

Latvians living in London also experience fuel problems on their skin. “The fuel crisis in London. Now a taxi at home after the 7h shift costs me as much as I earn in 3 hours, ”writes a Latvian living in London on a microblogging website.

The British government already on Friday called on the public to refrain from buying panicky fuel after part of the filling stations were closed because they are unable to receive supplies due to a shortage of truck drivers.

The issue caused by the coronavirus pandemic and Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU), leading to a crisis in the transport sector, has been widely reported in British newspapers.

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