London hardens. The low-emission zone will cover the entire city

Great Britain continues to implement its plans on the road to carbon neutrality, and its capital, London, is a clear example of this approach. The management of the metropolis decided to move the recently expanded emission zone in the city center to other parts of the city. The only exception is the M25 motorway, which avoids the LEZ (low emission zone), according to the British Autocar.

The extension means that only cars that meet at least Euro 4 emissions standards, i.e. petrol cars made after 1 January 2006, or Euro 6 for diesel cars made after 1 January 2016, will be able to enter London free of charge. Cars that do not meet these rules , then they have to pay 12.50 pounds per day (CZK 352). However, in case of non-payment, the fine increases to 160 pounds (4500 CZK).

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The zone will be open 24 hours a day, every day of the year except Christmas Day. Data from last year show, among other things, that drivers made an average of 1.9 million trips to the current zone last year.

According to experts, the introduction of the zone has reduced road pollution levels in central London by 44% and by 20% in other parts of the city. That is why the city went to a public consultation with citizens, 59% of whom agreed that this procedure was the right way. All this then led to further expansion.

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As part of the extension of the LEZ, London offers its residents, for example, a contribution, the so-called “scrap fee”, which at least partially compensates for the transition from older models to more modern vehicles. £110 million has been earmarked for this support. However, it is still advantageous for London. In less than a year since the introduction of the zones, the city coffers have reached 100 million pounds (CZK 2.8 billion).

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