London warns of the next one and spends a lot on Defense

London warns of what is coming without specifying what risk scenarios are hanging over the heads of the British. But there must be something.

The United Kingdom has given a resounding headline on military trends for the future 2 years from now, with an expenditure of 30,000 million euros, because it is committed to ensuring the security of British society.

Geostrategy analysts believe that Boris Johnson Not only does it advance actions such as military cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, but it also becomes the second donor to NATO now that it leaves Brexit.

That feeling of orphanhood in front of the EU, London immediately replaces it with a bridge with the virtual new president of the United States, Joe Biden.

The UK, a host country for a high volume of migrants for decades, is rearming itself to the teeth with the largest investment since the Cold War.

Johnson’s message contrasts with the open social debate in the Canary Islands about the use of military installations by migrants.

Beyond the humanitarian obligation in the face of the flood of almost 20,000 Africans so far this year, the Spanish Armed Forces, which participate in missions to contain jihadism in the Sahel, deserve greater attention by the political actors and the Canarian administrations of in order to configure a new mapping of weaknesses and strengths, of threats and opportunities in West Africa and to understand, once and for all, what is happening on the capricious Atlantic coastline.

Britain is not a capricious country, driven only by electoral overtones or ideological fears about whether Johnson was prone to victory. Trump.

It is a society resistant to external influence and that it makes such a decisive commitment to public spending on military weapons, means that they know something else that, for now, they do not share with the rest of Europeans, who by the way a few days ago, a Failure in computer security allowed a journalist to sneak into the Defense Ministers’ Summit.

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