Long Covid, inside the rehabilitation gym. “The virus attacked me fiercely and for a year and a half I have been traveling around clinics”

The list of symptoms of the so-called Long Covid it is long and similar to that of the symptoms of infection. More than three months after the infection, fatigue, headaches, weight loss and aphonia persist in some people, physical and respiratory symptoms, heavy psychological repercussions. Yet, not only are swabs negative, but a first analysis often does not show “permanent” damage to muscles or tissues.

“Two years ago, observing the first wave of the pandemic, with the peak of interstitial pneumonia – explains the director of cardiological rehabilitation of the ASL 3 Piero Clavario – we are equipped to try to respond to an emergency that we feared could have worse repercussions in the long term ”. The good news, after seeing him pass by the rehab gym 300 Long Covid patients, is that despite heavy paintings, no irrecoverable physical consequences are observed: “But the Long Covid exists, people no longer feel the same, and we can measure and monitor muscle problems with precision instruments. You are short of breath, you are no longer able to do elementary things such as climbing a flight of stairs or carrying shopping, some need oxygen support for months to breathe “.

The purpose of the rehabilitation gym on the first floor of the “Palazzo della Salute” from Genoa is therefore to take charge of the rehabilitation training of these patients: “It takes a few months, depending on the individual cases, but until now we have always managed to bring patients back to the level of health from which they started before having Covid – explains the cardiologist – we prescribe physical activity as if it were a medicine, with dosage and duration. People can do it even without us, but we estimate that the difference in recovery times can be several months, with a rapid improvement in the quality of life “.

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