Long-term intention to buy the original Jogja Cobek, what you get is even painful

Cobek illustration. (Pixabay)

Hitekno.com – A woman shares her buying experience cobek of Jogja. But unexpectedly, the tool he bought in Parangtritis, Yogyakarta was not as expected.

After arriving home and trying it out, the mortar he bought was not what he imagined. Until the end viral on social media.

He shared the story through his personal TikTok account. Within one day, the video was viewed by 500 thousand users and became a FYP on TikTok’s timeline.

Through the short video he shared, he showed himself examining the mortar.

He pounded the mortar and unexpectedly, the mortar that was originally pitch black turned gray like the color of dry cement.

Not to forget, after being pounded, the mortar part turns into fine powder grains. The granules are like dry cement dough.

The woman then regretted this very much. In fact, he bought the mortar far away in Yogyakarta from where he lives in riau.

Buying the Original Cobek from Jogja, Woman Sucked Up Home Turns out to be Cement (TikTok)

Buy a mortar at Parangtritis Yogya, guys, it turns out that this is just cement. Even though I took it all the way to Riau, “wrote the upload.

Viewing viral video uploads on those social media, netizen was also surprised by the condition of the woman’s cobek.

I can’t imagine making chili sauce, when you add the three-wheel flavor, said netizens.

You can see that the pattern is very regular, if the original stone is different, “added another.

No wonder I usually eat sambal with a taste of sand, said netizens.

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Buy at Borobudur, swipe a little from Jogja durable poll, “continued the other.

I can’t imagine, after making chili sauce from there, it fits in the stomach as a foundation,” joked netizens.

I got tips from kang lotek subscription. If you’re looking for the original mortar, the stone is more of a gray color, if it’s an item like that, it’s definitely fake, it’s painted.” concluded netizens.

That’s a viral video on social media, how the story of buying cobek in Jogja. All the way back to Riau, it didn’t turn out as expected. (Suara.com/ Aulia Hafisa).


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