Loni Willison, from top model in Hollywood to living on the street

The world of fame, millions, cameras and glamor doesn’t always end in the best way. For example, what happened to the renowned Top Model, Loni Willison. famous for appearing in various productions of Hollywood, whether films O series, in addition to being one of the most recognized women in the world fitness.

Today, the woman of 37 years He looks unrecognizable, he lives on the streets, he eats from garbage and his life has entered a slide from which he struggles to get out, but without much success.

Who is Loni Willison?

Born in The Angels in 1985, Last year impacted the world of showbiz for its spectacular beauty. First as a magazine model and then for her guest appearance in episodes in some TV shows, mainly comedy, such as The Community, The Office, and series of Nickelodeon in the classic role of the beautiful aerobics teacher or instructor.

Her fame was so great that it led her to be on the cover of the best exercise magazines in the United States and to date several celebrities, but the most prominent was Jeremy Jackson, from ‘Baywatch’. She married him in 2012 and divorced in 2014, beginning the way of the cross that took her to the streets.

Thereafter, the consumption of drugs and the depression they wreaked havoc on his life, his surroundings and evidently his physique. In 2016 it was learned that he worked in an aesthetic in a Los Angeles suburb, already with financial problems.

After several years disappeared from the media, in 2018 the addiction problems he suffered, even with a home, were made known. But for this 2021, the total crisis arrived.

TMZ and other portals of EE. UU. they found Last year begging in the streets of Santa monica, accompanied by a supermarket cart and items collected from the garbage.

I dont have a cellphone. I have food and a place to sleep. I receive money here and there, there is food in the containers and near the stores. There is a lot here on the street ”, one hears himself say to Willison, with little hygiene, without several teeth and a noticeable deterioration in their appearance.

On 2018, when The Sun revealed her sad story, several friends and close relatives said that they had been trying for some time to help her get out of her addictions, mainly cocaine, however she always refused.

There are versions that indicate that Jeremy Jackson He took everything from her when they separated, despite the fact that she accused him of mistreatment. What’s more, the destination of his royalty payments for some of the productions in which he participated is unknown, since there are several programs where she appears and they continue to be repeated on various channels of EE. UU.


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