Lonzo Ball accidentally posterizes teammate Kenrich Williams


Lonzo Ball didn't exactly accumulate on points against the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday evening, scoring only 7 points 33.3% shooting from the field, but he had one of the game's most memorable highlights, if not the night.

In the third quarter of Sunday's game, Lonzo Ball threw a fierce rebound by crushing someone, but unfortunately that someone was his New Orleans pelicans teammate Kenrich Williams.

In addition to the fact that he put Williams on a poster, it was a big rebound and spurred the pelicans to run in the third quarter. While Ball continues to try to figure out how to make his throws on a constant basis, most of his throws in the painted area will be crushed or layup.

Let's just hope that the next time he throws a dunk highlight, he won't be on his teammate. At the very least, he can give them a warning next time.



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