Lonzo Ball is making great strides in the rap game


As many people know Lonzo Ball he is not only a basketball player, but also an artist in the rap industry. The Pelicans from New Orleans the point guard previously abandoned an album called “Born 2 Ball”including members of his family in some of his music videos.

“Zoos” revealed through social media and in several interviews that he is his favorite rapper Future, who screamed him in one of his songs (Crushed Up) from Album “THE WZRD”.

Ball also released a controversial statement recently in the Real radio station 92.3 with Big Boy TV, where he said that Future made more classic hits than the historical rapper Nas.

“How many classic projects do you have [Nas] do you seriously? People say it is in the top five. “, Said Ball. “The future has dropped nine projects in a row.”

This claim created controversy on social media, where people disagreed with the words of the hooper.

In another interview, while Lonzo visited the House of Highlights together, he was questioned about his favorite rapper to collaborate with on a song, where he struggled to answer even if Future is his number one.

“I mean, my heart says Future, but my mind says Drake.”

The 22 year old has made a name for himself in the industry, getting a historical figure like 2 Chainz to comment on his musical style.

With many NBA players trying to make their way into the rap world like Damian Lillard, Marvin Bagley, Lonzo Ball and many others, it takes courage to start building something for which they are not recognized.



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