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Lonzo Ball, Pelicans go crazy for “All Star” Brandon Ingram after his career: video


“Now is the time for Brandon Ingram.”

New Orleans forward Pelicans Brandon Ingram is a strong case for Most Improved Player this season, as his numbers have increased across the board, particularly his 25.8 points per game. Ingram’s averages per game received a boost during Thursday night’s overtime 138-132 win over Utah Jazz, thanks to his 49 career points on pitches 15 to 25, which included a series of friction shots.

Immediately after Ingram’s impressive performance, Lonzo Ball took Twitter to campaign for Ingram to be nominated for the 2020 All Star Game.

“Yes, it’s right after the game and I know I never do, but BRANDON INGRAM is an All Star‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️‼ ️”

Teammates Josh Hart and Jrue Holiday, as well as the rest of the pelicans, co-signed the Ingram 2020 All Star movement.

In addition to his 49 career points, Ingram has cut eight rebounds and six assists.

“He’s been in the gym for the past three years. The only thing that slowed him down was his injuries,” said Ball, ESPN. “This is his fourth year and he has arrived on his own. Now is the time for Brandon Ingram.

“He’s been a self-confident person since I met him. But this year, he’s been on another level. Obviously, he knows he’s our favorite guy on this team and we trust him.”

Pelicans are seated at 16-26 mid-season, which is just 3.5 games from the eighth seed Memphis Grizzlies. Not only are they within range of a playoff, but their choice no. 1 Zion Williamson is finally ready to make his NBA debut next week.



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