Lonzo Ball thinks the Lakers could have won the NBA championship last season


Count Lonzo Ball as the last member of the Lakers 2018-19 to mention injuries for having overturned the season. Ball, who lost more games than any other Laker last season, recently played at radio interview with Big Boy on Real 92.3 and I was asked if Los Angeles could have won the title last season.

"I thought we had a good chance, honestly. Looking back, we were moving in the right direction and then "Bron went down, Rondo went down, I went down, BI went down, so it was just like … it was a point where we were watching the forums for people because we have no bodies ".

It is not new news that the Lakers were bitten by a snake due to injuries last season. Ball was one of five Lakers missing at least 20 games and one of three players missing 30 games in suspension or injury. In total last year, the Lakers lost 219 games per man or an average of 2.6 players lost per game last year.

But as Ball mentioned, the timing of injuries was particularly damaging. Not only did they arrive in quick succession, they decimated the team for the second half of the season, but they also arrived at a time when the Lakers were reaching the peak.

The Christmas show at the Golden State was one of the best games played by the Lakers throughout the season. But both LeBron James and Rajon Rondo were lost in that race, Ball got injured before both players returned and Brandon Ingram lost the last 19 games of the year.

It is probably a stretch to say that the team could have won the title last season in full health, but considering that they were not in good health last year, not much of the sample is available. One of the few games in which the team had most of the roster available was at Christmas against the Warriors, a game in which the Lakers won 127-101.

If the Lakers could have competed for a title it is a question that will never be answered while the team has rebuilt the roster in this low season, but what is very obvious is a young team potentially Laker with James was robbed of what he would have could have been a fun season.



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