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Today is the day of the draw of PowerPaint again! The first prize of Power Lottery has been won 34 consecutively. The amount of the first prize of today (29) is 920 million yuan, which is exciting! The “Kawaii” column dedicated to the numerology and horoscope of the Chinese zodiac is specially shared. At the end of July, the “3 Chinese Zodiac” will be full of fortunes, windfalls, and great prizes will continue; come and see if your good fortune is about to come !

▲The first prize of Power Color is 920 million yuan, which is exciting. (Photo by reporter Tang Jiaxing)

Zodiac Rat:
Rats have a big-hearted character sometimes, but sometimes they are very delicate, and they can put themselves in the consideration of others; but at the end of July, the nobles are full of luck, the wealth is flying, the fortune is strong and the money is innumerable, coupled with the enthusiasm for things It is very high, and the road to wealth is unimpeded; at the same time, once the zodiac rat is rich and noble, it can also benefit the children and grandchildren, and will have a successful career in life and rich wealth.

Zodiac Tiger:
People who belong to the tiger are bound to have a red and purple fortune recently; this month’s “Yinwu” half-fire situation, everything will be booming. At the end of July, in addition to prosperous fortune and wealth, the zodiac tiger will also be very proud in the workplace. There are many good opportunities. As long as you listen to other people’s opinions at work, you can achieve good results and wealth. Can get rich returns.

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Zodiac Rabbit:
People who belong to rabbits have been operating these days. This opportunity is quite rare, so you must take good advantage of it; but at the end of July, the rabbit’s fortune of the Chinese zodiac will pick up, especially in the career. They will not only be able to make up for the previous losses, but also have With this new opportunity, we should take this opportunity to communicate more with others and expand our network. Wealth is just around the corner.

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