Look at how adorable Matúš’s sisters are!

Veronika Nízlová and the singer Yael are the parents of a 9-month-old daughter. Although the native of Hronské Beňadik is raising Neu as a single mother, Matúš Kolárovský and his closest relatives are also interested in the child.

When Veronika Nízlová announced that she was expecting a baby, it was a big shock for everyone, since no man appeared by the side of the charismatic performer for a long time. Only in February, when little Nea turned three months old, Matúš Kolárovský in a song MY admitted paternity.

Since then, the young artist tries to spend as much time as possible with the little girl – Matúš’s little princess even recently Yael’s mom and his two adorable sisters visited. Vebi also shared beautiful moments from the meeting on Instagram. Look how the ladies got it together!

Veronika Nizlov



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