Looking for a solution to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift problem? You can find help here!

Many Nintendo Switch owners are familiar with the Joy-Con drift problem. You can find a YouTube video and other solutions here!

About the Joy-Con drift theme

It can affect us all: Anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch with Joy-Cons may be familiar with the phenomenon. You don’t even touch the controller, and yet the Nintendo Switch recognizes a light input. The result: your character, your cursor or the camera constantly move very easily in one direction. This is immensely annoying and can become an obstacle in some games that doesn’t have to be that way. Officially, there is no solution to the problem, even if Nintendo sometimes carries out free repairs here. Well there is a YouTube video that has a solution.

Surprisingly, this fix doesn’t require any serious technical know-how, but you do need the right tools. All you have to do is open the case and insert a small piece of paper or cardboard (approx. 1 mm thick) where the stick is located. Yes – it’s that simple. It goes on to explain how the prongs inside the controller lose contact with the pads over time and the paper fills the gap and restores pressure. The disadvantage? You have to trust yourself to open it, and any guarantee is definitely gone. Here is the video:

Further solutions

There have been other reports of how the Joy-Cons realign themselves when you put pressure on the analog sticks. From this it can be concluded that constant pressure on the sticks (which loosen over time) can make the Joy-Con drift problem disappear. The fix would be to completely decouple the affected drifting Joy-Cons, press firmly (!) On the analog stick a few times and then re-couple it with your Nintendo Switch. So before you unscrew your controller, this could solve your problem as well as the above fix for the Joy-Con drift.

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If you want it to be even easier, you can also use contact spray. Some users reported that one should simply spray the contact spray onto the base of the stick while moving it around. Then you should wait a few minutes and everything should work as usual again. These are all solutions that have helped other users – which fix was the right one for you? Share it with us in the comments!

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