López Miras points to Vox after knocking down his first investiture attempt: "Nobody in Murcia wants elections, they will be responsible"

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All roads seem to lead on Murcia to the electoral repetition. Neither PP nor Vox now deny this possibility. Both parties maintain their pulse, without any of them showing signs of wanting to give in to their approaches to reduce tension and bring positions closer. If the popular remain firm in their decision not to allow Vox entry into the future government, those of Santiago Abascal They do not give their arm to twist and refuse to endorse with their abstention a lone Executive (and in a minority) of Fernando López Miras. Or coalition government, or repeat elections.

So, as was foreseeable, the first vote for the investiture of the PP candidate has been unsuccessful. López Miras needed an absolute majority this Friday that he does not have (the PP only lacks two seats in the Regional Assembly). However, the Vox spokesman, Jose Angel Antelohas already made it clear in his speeches that he will not abstain either to facilitate the investiture of López Miras by a simple majority in the second vote on Monday.

Unlike Valencian Community o Estremadura, where the PP does need the affirmative vote of Vox, in the Region of Murcia it would be enough to abstain. However, Vox does not budge from its ‘no’ to López Miras as long as his entry into government is not guaranteed. “We make the last call for understanding,” Antelo told López Miras.

What’s more, he has accused the popular to force the electoral repetition and “sacrifice Murcia” for the sheer interest of genoa, in an attempt to now mark distances with Vox and with an eye on 23-J. “He leads us to the polls by mandate of Feijóo,” Antelo lamented before López Miras. “Reconsider or become independent of Feijóo”.

The Vox spokesman has not hesitated to admit that he does not even trust the word of López Miras, whom he has accused of breaching a large part of the investiture agreement signed in 2019: “Our trust in you is rather limited.” So “it is you who has made it inescapable that Vox is in the government,” Antelo has sentenced. But the criticism has not ended here, as Antelo has accused the PP candidate of wanting “all the chairs.”

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