López Miras starts his investiture: he admits that he would have preferred to govern without Vox while demanding the fight against "gender violence"

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“Governing alone was not possible.” So clearly, without detours or nuances, Fernando López Miras has assumed this Wednesday that his order to preside over the Region of Murcia sin Vox sitting on the Executive alone led to a dead end. He PP the 28-M was left two seats of the absolute majority in the Regional Assemblywhich allowed Vox to knock down the candidate’s first investiture attempt in July popular. Either a coalition government or an electoral repetition, the man who will become his vice president, the leader of Vox, came to tell him Jose Angel Antelo. And finally it has been a PP-Vox pact almost in discount time.

So López Miras has presented himself to a new investiture session after this time tying up the support of Vox in exchange for a Vice-Presidency and a Council that already appear in writing in the pact advanced this Tuesday. He himself had recognized that in his change of opinion the national scene has weighed: a break between PP and Vox in Murcia would have collided with the new alliance of Alberto Núñez Feijóo and Santiago Abascal in the face of the investiture that the PP leader will face The end of this month.

Even so, López Miras, who will be re-elected this Thursday as president of the Region of Murcia, has claimed in his speech before the Chamber the “clear victory” of the PP in the last regional elections. But the pact with Vox, as he has justified, was in the end the “most responsible option” if what was wanted was to avoid the polls. Vox, in fact, has not moved from its position.

“The search for consensus is not easy, but it is the most responsible thing,” López Miras has settled, who in any case has admitted that the negotiation of the pact has not been easy and has demanded “concessions” on his part. His message that he will govern “for everyone from moderation and centrality” therefore had a clear intention: to set the limits for Vox.

The road map agreed between both parties for the next four years does not expressly mention gender violence, although it does mention the more generic expression of “violence against women”. In his speech, López Miras has been more emphatic: “In the fight against gender violence we must all go hand in hand and not go back.”

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