Loquillo returns to his childhood in the new video for ‘El Rey’

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Loquillo He runs through the wet streets of El Clot in Barcelona, ​​enters the house to watch TV with his mother, eats with the rest of the family in the kitchen. We are in 1973 and that boy who steps in puddles and combs his hair in front of the mirror dreams of being a king. This is how it is presented in the video of his new song, a remix of The king which today premieres exclusively EL MUNDO.

“I am heir to a charnego / I wanted to get out of the hole soon”, sings in the lyrics of this song that is also a personal manifesto. “How is it possible to be the king / if since I was a child my crib was just a hallway?” the lyrics continue. The king It is a song included on their album Diary of a trucepublished in April 2022. Now it presents a new version of the song made by producer Rafa Sardina.

“For those who maintain awareness of themselves, and of the generation to which they belong, the telling of memories through memory is an exercise as illustrative as it is necessary,” says Loquillo about the nostalgia transmitted by this video, which recreates the working-class neighborhoods of the Barcelona of his childhood. A great fan of European cinema from the 50s, 60s and 70s, the artist wanted to transfer the aesthetics of Italian cinema from the 60s to this new video.

The king It stars Hugo Prieto as the child protagonist of the story and does not appear in it. Loquillo… Until the last moment, when the music is over, we return to the family room and see him leafing through an old notebook.

The video also has the special collaboration of Monica Bardem (in the role of mother), Joaquín Notario (as the father), Eulàlia Ramón (the family’s aunt) and Marta Morujo (the haberdashery shop assistant).

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