Murcia, Jan 6 (EFE) .- The first prize of the extraordinary draw of the El Niño lottery this Monday, endowed with 200,000 euros per tenth, has been for the number 57,342, of which 10 tenths have been sold in the administration of the center Parque Almenara, from Lorca, and the second (75,000 euros to the tenth), has been for 21,816, sold in Cartagena.

Antonio García, the Lorca lottery player, has told Efe that it is the first time since the administration was opened in 2012 that he has given a first prize in an extraordinary draw.

He had distributed the luck with the first of the weekly draw on Saturdays by the National Lottery, a second in a summer special, a fifth in Christmas and a second in Thursday.

The prize distributed has been sold through the window, he explained, but he does not know if to a single person or to several.

It is not a number to which the administration or a client is subscribed, but a random one from which only that small amount of 10 tenths came from Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.

From the administration that Mari Paz Sánchez-Ferragut runs at number 5 of the Alameda de San Antón Cartagena, they have indicated after learning from Efe that they had sold the second prize that it was not sold with tenths on paper, but by terminal, the machine from which you can ask for any number if it is available or which issues it randomly if the customers prefer it.

However, they say they do not know if it has been only one or several tenths sold, although they believe that it is a fixed customer and that it could be three or four, although they will not know for sure until tomorrow when they contact the delegation of State Lotteries and Betting in the Murcia region, the only one that knows those emitted by the automatic system. EFE


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