Lord Truong, lord of the Vietnamese millionaire gang, has appointed


Reportedly, Vietnam police are investigating the death of 39 migrants in an Essex truck and identified the millionaire boss who is believed to be behind the fatal smuggling plan.

A special police task force believes that the lord of the "Mr Truong" gang has brought millions of desperate Vietnamese migrants to Britain and the United States.

It is thought that the mafia master leads the gang in Vietnam, but works alongside the Chinese criminal syndicate Snakehead established in the 80s by the notorious Jing Ping Chen, known as the godmother of the Snakeheads, or Sister Ping.

It is said that at least 24 of the victims found in the caravan in an industrial area of ​​Grays last week came from Ha Tinh province and the neighboring provinces of Vietnam.

A source told the Daily Mirror: "As much as these bands like to hide in the shade, their names are whispered in the community.

"While now threatening families that have been smuggled with violence to silence them, the police are building a picture every day that Truong supervises."

So far, 28 Vietnamese families believe that a relative died in the trailer, which was shipped from Zeebrugge, Belgium, to Purfleet, in the Essex.

Fifteen-year-old Ngyuen Huy Hung is believed to be the youngest victim of the gang, with migrants paying up to $ 56,00 for transport to England.


This week, detectives said they were looking for two brothers in connection with the 39 deaths.

Ronan Hughes, 40, and Christopher, 34, both of Armagh, in Northern Ireland, are wanted on charges of manslaughter and trafficking.

The Essex police published photos of the couple after the bodies of eight women and 31 men were found at the back of a truck in an industrial area in Grays last week.

Ronan Hughes is said to have telephoned investigators who were trying to find out about truck driver Maurice "Mo" Robinson after the 25-year-old's arrest.

A source told Belfast Live: "Ronan Hughes made a phone call to police in the UK from a cell phone shortly after 2 am last Wednesday.

"He said he needed to talk to someone about Mo Robinson and claimed that Robinson was legitimate and had nothing to do with anything illegal and knew nothing about the cargo.

"Hughes confirmed he knew Robinson and pushed to get a series of questions. He gave his (own) birth date and an address.

"We believe he was trying to establish how much and what information the police had at that time.

"He seemed willing to cooperate with the police, but has not been contactable since."

Detective chief superintendent Stuart Hooper said, "Finding and talking to the Hughes brothers is fundamental to our investigation.

"This is a case where 39 men and women are tragically dead and community support will be vital to help make those responsible accountable."

The Hughes brothers run a freight transport business on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Ronan Hughes is said to have rented the refrigerated container from another Irish company, Global Trailer Rentals (GTR) in Dublin.

There is no suggestion that the brothers were aware of the conspiracy to smuggle migrants using the cabin or container.


On Monday, Robinson appeared in court accused of manslaughter and traffic conspiracy.

The future dad is accused of being part of a global ring of people smugglers.

The 25-year-old from Northern Ireland was interrogated for more than 72 hours by the cops after he picked up the trailer from Purfleet in the Essex.

Robinson appeared via video link to the Chelmsford Court of Magistrates accused of 39 accusations of manslaughter, conspiracy to trade in human beings, conspiracy to help illegal immigration and money laundering.

The charges all refer to between December 1, 2018 and October 24, 2019.

He was returned to custody to appear later at Old Bailey on November 25th.

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