Entertainment Lorenzo Méndez's mother sends a "little note" to Chiquis...

Lorenzo Méndez’s mother sends a “little note” to Chiquis Rivera

Lorenzo Méndez’s mother reacted to the separation of her son and Chiquis Rivera and sent an indirect message to the singer

A relationship is two, but when something happens the third parties always come out. Lorenzo Méndez’s mother was quick to react to the sudden and predictable break between the singer and Chiquis Rivera.

The artist’s mother, Paula Méndez, through her Instagram account shared for her followers some photos of the wedding between the singers and the couple’s baptism in Jerusalem with a message that they claim is a “little note” for Jenni Rivera’s daughter .

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In the same publication next to the photographs of his son together with his daughter-in-law, he wrote several verses from the Bible that talk about love relationships and life as a couple.

“Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous. Love is not ostentatious, nor does it become arrogant, “he published, and then wrote another biblical phrase:” Love suffers everything, believes everything, expects everything and supports everything.

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The message is a clear hint and a strong message for Lupillo Rivera’s niece, as they assure that it was she who finished the marriage, which lasted a year, for an alleged infidelity.

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