L’Orologio – The importance of D’Ambrosio in Gagliardini’s goal

Inter yesterday defeated Spezia 2-0 at the Meazza, but to break the deadlock they needed a brilliant play of Lautaro martinez which, served by Hakan Calhanoglu, facilitated the winning entry of Roberto Gagliardini. But there is another protagonist of this action: Danilo D’Ambrosio.

He didn’t even have to play, in the end he puts on the scoresheet a hockey assist to unlock a blocked game and does so by applying a coded play of the game of Simone Inzaghi.

The first thing to note: the attack of space. Spezia defended low for a long time, here D’Ambrosio attacked the available space correctly, from the midfielder as requested by the third on the right by Inzaghi now and by Antonio Conte first.

The second thing: the passage. D’Ambrosio reads the situation perfectly and prepares for the first pass with his left foot to shorten the playing time, making Jacopo Sala’s error in positioning even more evident.

We needed to speed up the maneuver to unlock the game and this is what D’Ambrosio helped to do on the occasion of the first goal.

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