Los Ángeles Azules and Carlos Vives come together to sing “Cumbia del corazón”

The blue Angels released the third single of what will be their new record production, the song is called “Cumbia of the heart”is from the authored by Joss Favela and they recorded it next to Carlos Vives. Produced by Rodolfo Lugo and Jorge Mejía Avante, the song is accompanied by a video that was recorded in the “La Piel Roja” tavern, in Bogotá, Colombia. That’s how it sounds.

Lupita Mejía, member of Los Angeles Azules, assured in an interview for UnoTv.com that they had wanted to do a Colombian-style cumbia for a long time and that is why they thought of Vives: “it is a song in which many hands were involved, of which we are very proud, as is Carlos, I hope the public likes it”.

The video of “Cumbia of the heart” was directed by Christian Schmid Rinconwhich from the beginning offers a lot of color and rhythm, highlighting each of the instruments.

For your part “The DOC” assured that Carlos was very involved in all the arrangements of the song, a melody that has a lot of each group.

What are the latest collaborations of the Iztapalapa group?

The next album The Blue Angels will come to light at the end of 2022; for the moment the singles have been released “Another night” Feat. Nicki Nicole and “That part of me” Feat. Sofía Reyes and Estemanpersonalities that will accompany the group in its next production of unreleased songs.

The Blue Angels prepare tour in the United States

The Blue Angels continue their international tour, which has taken them to play in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Paraguay. In this route they add two shows Sold Out at the National Auditorium in Mexico City and five sold-out concerts at the legendary Luna Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Soon they will take their international tour to the United States, with 38 scheduled shows, here we show you the dates and cities they will visit.

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