Los "big ones" They also get vaccinated: this is the unique vaccination schedule

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All our lives we have heard about the famous “Children’s Vaccination Schedule.” A few years ago, the Ministry of Health began to worry because the very name of the calendar made older people see vaccination as something very distant. Since 2019, as the single ring, we have a “unique vaccination schedule“, for children and adults. It is called Common Calendar for Life.

On the one hand we have good news for the pockets of parents and future parents: menincoccus B vaccine It is given along with the rest of the vaccines at 2, 4 and 12 months. And not only in children, but this vaccine will also be administered to risk groups, which is very good news.

On the other hand, these are the three big bombs of the season.

For adults… and also for children. In fact, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics had already recommended in previous years that children be vaccinated. Last year there was tthree pilot tests in three communities: Andalusia, Galicia and Murcia where between 40-50% of the target population was vaccinated.

Of course, the elderly, pregnant women and people with a compromised immune system continue to be risk groups, but Children are also easy targets for the virus. As data:

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