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Christian Thielemann is promoted with a kick

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Manuel Brug

Loser of the power struggle: conductor Christian Thielemann Loser of the power struggle: conductor Christian Thielemann

Loser of the power struggle: conductor Christian Thielemann

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The Salzburg Easter Festival does not extend the contract with its artistic director Christian Thielemann. Thus, the responsible politicians only distract from personal mistakes of their own.

DThe small country of Salzburg, where everyone with a bit of responsibility knows each other, is also a big intrigue stable. No one could really clean out. But now it is the politicians who are responsible – and the governor Wilfried Haslauer junior (ÖFP) is the chairman of the board of trustees of the Easter Festival Salzburg – really nice and dirty. And let artists jump over the blades that really do not deserve such treatment. And only to distract from a personal wrong decision.

The Dresdner Staatskapelle and its boss Christian Thielemann, who have saved the artistically superfluous, but just the local hospitality industry very pompous Easter Festival after the style and ruthless departure of the greedy Berliner Philharmoniker to Baden-Baden from 2013, will kick off after the contract ends in 2022 also promoted. Unkind.

And this only because Haslauer and his board of trustees believed that in dealing with unpleasant Thielemann after the departure of his cuddly friendly director Peter Ruzicka from 2021 the great Zampano Nikolaus Bachler to have to serve. The fact that the two could not and could not, was clear to everyone in the company.

The director of the Bavarian State Opera, Nikolaus Bachler, recorded on 03.04.2014 in Munich (Bavaria) at a press conference. Photo: Tobias Hase / dpa (Rights notice: (c) dpa)

The artistic director of the Bavarian State Opera, Nikolaus Bachler, becomes director of the Salzburg Easter Festival in 2021

Source: picture alliance / dpa

Of course, only Thielemann, who supposedly was stubborn, is at fault. But the Bachler will do it already, where the festival is already running out of money, although it was possible to hear the Thielemann opera here to some extent exclusively. In addition to very little in Dresden, Bayreuth and all jubilee times at the Vienna State Opera.

So you put the perfect chair to the door for one of the best, if complicated, conductors in the world. Because you can. This was announced by press conference after the board meeting of the state government. And underlined in a published on their website press release. That could already enter the curriculum of media seminars as the height of mendacity.

And even one of the best opera orchestras in the world shows the way coldnosed. Although that was cheap, in Dresden tried and often co-produced the productions. At a festival that finances itself 90 percent. And that has almost 500 euros, the highest ticket prices in the world.

Two seasons, the two fighting cocks now have to get along anyway. And even the controversial Thielemann “Lohengrin” in 2022 must swallow Bachler. But then what will be? Changing international orchestras with different theatrical co-production partners promised vague Bachler, jazz, dance, denser programs and so on. So the usual festival interchangeability with the few high gloss promising names that want to be paid dearly everywhere.

Maybe Gewandhausorchester Leipzig, also something Russian, possibly the Berliner Philharmoniker, whose contract is due in 2022 for renewal. Also Franz Welser-Möst together with the Cleveland Orchestra, financed by his media entrepreneur sponsor Herbert Kloiber, probably already scratching at the door. Yes and? He is also in Salzburg in the summer, should return to the Vienna State Opera. But if the audience is paying for half a thousand?

“Easter as a departure” – this is the obsessively optimistic Bachler slogan. It could also be a burglary, possibly demolition. Perhaps Mr Haslauer will be the gravedigger, who will then – especially in the dense calendar of Salzburg – make superfluous Easter festivals. And such a man seriously, next year, when Helga Rabl-Stadler finally rattles into the well-earned pension to be able to inherit this as festival president? So many brooms are not even to be found in Salzburg.

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