Losing Alice, the Apple TV + thriller that will catch you from chapter one

Lihi Kornowski of life to Sophie Marciano.

What was it like working with Sigal Avin and Ayelet Zurer on this project?
L.K.: With Sigal I had a very strong connection and over the course of six months the character of Sophie had many edits. That made us strengthen our bond more and more and it was very good because it allowed me to enter Sigal’s mind, which made it easier for me to enter this genre and understand the language of the series, as well as his way of seeing Sophie.

Ayelet was also a genius. When we started filming, I felt that Ayelet put the correct boundaries between us, so that we could reflect the tension that our characters have on screen. At times, that was a bit difficult, but after watching the series I realized how important those limits were. Thanks to them, the story of Alice and Sophie is told much better.

A love triangle between Sophie, David, and Alice is also portrayed.

Offers Losing Alice a feminist vision of issues such as sexuality and freedom?
L.K.: I believe that Losing Alice It is many things and one of them is that it is a series that shows women who exercise their sexuality with great confidence and who are not ashamed of it. On television we usually see men very sure of their sexuality and, in my opinion, we do not see so many women with that freedom. For example, there is the case of the character of Jemima Kirke in Girls, a girl with a lot of confidence in her sexuality and empowered. I think Losing Alice it does something similar and I think that’s very important.

In your opinion, what is the main message of Losing Alice?
L.K.: In my opinion – as a young girl starting her career – the main message of Losing Alice It is not getting lost and not going too far because there is a very fine line between losing yourself and making your dreams come true. You can fly, but you shouldn’t fly too high because the sun can burn you.

All eight episodes of Losing Alice are now available on Apple TV +.


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