Loss-certified smartphones would not be in reality



According to iFixit, the site specializing in dismantling and analyzing high-tech devices, no smartphone would be really tight, and this regardless of the brand.

In fact, advertising, IP certifications, as well as the claims of various manufacturers that a smartphone can remain immersed in water for X time, such depth would not be reliable, according to iFixit.

Also some sites insist on this specification qualifying some smartphones as very much tench however this is not justified.

According to the iFixit specialists, the tightness smartphones are due, for most brands, to the only glue used to mount the smartphone. A seal is created by the sticker used in smartphones to protect buttons, doors, speakers and other sensitive, water-vulnerable parts in the air.

In the case of a brand new smartphone, the device can effectively resist immersion for up to 8 hours in an aquarium. However, the adhesive deteriorates over time, becoming increasingly vulnerable to chemicals, chlorine, cracks and folds. Jeff Suovanen, iFixit's demolition engineer, said: After a year or two, the phone has probably lost much of its ability to repel liquids . IFixit CEO Kyle Wiens announced in the Wall Street Journal: The IP rating given to the phones is valid on the first day you buy a phone and invalid the next day.

Some brands such as Apple or OnePlus, for example, abandon the adhsif in favor of silicone. According to Suovanen, Apple is a reference in terms of waterproofing smartphones without hindering the reparability of its products.

However, waterproofness is not foolproof. In fact, it is not so much the amount of liquid that is important for the damage caused by water in a smartphone, but rather the corrosion. The different components of a cell phone react differently to minerals.

Don't worry now when you read from a smartphone that is supposedly tench since even with a certification, the device may no longer be after its first immersion in a liquid.


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