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Dmitry LighTofHeaveN Kupriyanov summarized the first day of the playoffs MegaFon Winter Clash. In an interview with Cybersport.ru, he explained why Virtus.pro again flew early from the home tournament, commented on the performance Natus win versus Team fluidand also named the main contender for the grand finale.

– The day turned out to be a bit sad for the CSI scene: even Virtus.pro lost without possibility. Tell your emotions for the day.

– I had high hopes for Virtus.pro: I thought they would be bad at the group stage and then show all the strength in the playoffs.

on Play forward – I think that, in principle, everyone understood it Team secret win. The question was only one: if Puppey skating rink And according to the classics, simply according to the ancient tradition, Puppey creates a kind of game. Collects some not so common heroes, his team plays strange, and this is the default. In principle, nothing new.

Good and Natus win. I think you should not be sad, because it's exactly the same Team fluid in the group stage he destroyed everything. And the LGD flew there, even though they lasted longer, and Forward flew off in 19 minutes. I would say that, so to speak, they played against the top 1 in the world – they are already big, they could get to Liquid in the grid of the winners, this is a result, in my opinion.

– It is clear from the game that Virtus.pro has not only lost NaVi. But are you agree that both VPs and NaVi have lost their peaks?

– I would say yes. ArsZeeqq I sat down and said that, in principle, they were not quite prepared in the game plan, and they did not prepare much for the peaks. In general, it is very difficult to prepare peaks when the team has not played with some of the heroes.

And Natus Vincere: they're strange guys. That is, they see Timber and say, "Let's put Kunk or something." OK, guys? "Yes, go ahead!" Timber flows between T1-T2 towers, then between T2-T3 and, in general, simply because this kunku. That is, the peaks of Natus Vincere are strange, and I have a lot of questions at NaVi's headquarters and the fact that they do not even think about the peaks and how they will win. Because in many moments they swoop down. This is my modest opinion and I think some people will agree with him.

– So it turns out that in the Moscow tournaments Virtus.pro always behaves badly. Every Moscow tournament on VP hopes, but takes the last places. How to explain it?

– I would explain that they just won a major, this time. Also on the nose HNew Year: the boys want to go somewhere, relax. Someone could go to Thailand, someone will go to any other country. And then a new patch comes out unexpectedly. In my opinion, all the conditions were such that Virtus.pro was not motivated to play a lot in the new patch, and perhaps this is why Virtus.pro has played very, very badly.

I believe that, in principle, Virtus is still considered as a TIR-1 team, right here they were not prepared because of a large number of factors. I'm sure they're accumulating strength now, somewhere a month or two, and somewhere in January or maybe even in February, they'll start performing at full speed.

– Today we have very short games – almost 15-20 minutes.

– Yes, in the grand finale it will most likely be the same (laughs).

– Patch has ruined everything. How do you also do this patch, which will now always enjoy these games?

– I will say as a spectator: everything is fine with me. I love fast katochki, I love action. But now it seems to me … Sooner or later a great one will pass, there will be a great ending somewhere, there will be the Liquidals. There will be three [игры] 20 each [минут]Gaben will come[Mr[Г[Mr[Гsheb Newell – founder of Valve – ca. Ed.]to Eisfrog and say, "So everything is enough, I do not need a second grand finale of three for 20, I need good, long, good or at least average katochki." And I'm sure the next patch will somehow hope to the late teams, because now with these changes – no chance. The towers fall too fast and something must be done about it.

– What are your predictions for tomorrow's games? Secret vs LGD – what do you expect from this game?

– If I were YapzOrI would say that the secret is the favorite. But since there is no Yapzor, it is clear that the team with great difficulty has overcome the game forward. I think this pair is definitely a favorite LGD. In general, LGD worked very well and confidently today. I think the LGD in this tournament is worthy of the big finale together with Liquid.

– Then the winner of the Team Liquid – LGD match will play with NaVi. What are the chances of tomorrow for NaVi vs Secret, against LGD? Is there any hope?

– There's hope for a strategy, there's hope for some billets. Natus Vincere has some chance if he devises something interesting in two days or simply improves what is available now. But I would say they can against the Secret, but with LGD it will be very difficult. The LGD is a very strong team, and I remind you that in the recent past, the first 2 Inta, it cost a lot. Probably the most serious top 2 in the history of intes.

– Liquid Team in the final – 3-0 or this time someone will be able to squeeze a couple of cards?

– Most likely I am zaroflyat katochki, I hope. And I think that in the current Liquid performance they really have very few opponents. That is, in fact, apparently, they have beaten a huge number of games in this patch and prepared as none prepared. I'm definitely the best team at the moment, in the current second.


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