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Loterie Romande: Beneficiaries will not suffer from the consequences of Coronavirus – Switzerland

Loterie Romande has something to celebrate. Its online platform saw its attendance increase by 50% thanks to confinement. And it announces this morning as part of the approval by the General Assembly of the 2019 operating accounts a record net profit up nearly 8 million compared to the previous year. It stands at 224.3 million francs.

That’s not all. LoRo has built up solid reserves for 70 million which should enable it to provide its services in the following years. “To prevent hard knocks, says Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, general manager of Loterie Romande, we had already set up a fund of 50 million. To this we add 20 million this year to deal with the crisis caused by the Covid-19. ”

Clearly, LoRo guarantees the sustainability of the benefits distributed to the public utility, even if here and there some readjustments cannot be excluded. “Without a new crisis, like a new wave of the pandemic, adds the managing director, we expect a reduction in our profit in 2020 from 30 to 40 million.” But the 70 million will not be injected all at once in LoRo support. According to Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, the reserves will be used if necessary for the next two to three years.

Main factors behind the expected drop in profits, the cancellation of the majority of sporting and horse racing events, reducing the offer of JouezSport and PMU bets. But it is the partial or complete standby of part of the 2,450 lottery outlets in Romandie, with the canton of Vaud in mind and its 913 units, which will have the greatest impact on the figures. Among the 316 hotels, cafes and restaurants in Vaud, those with a wide range of electronic games are particularly affected.

Angry GastroVaud

Enough to provoke the anger of Gilles Meystre, president of GastroVaud: “It is no more risky to weigh tomatoes on a scale touched by dozens of people in a supermarket than to play Tactilo in a bistro! I hope that the Federal Council will announce a rapid relaxation of the measures at its press conference expected on May 27. ” Gilles Meystre is counting on an authorization to play in June already and will recommend to its members to place a disinfectant gel next to the machines.

LoRo’s gross revenue in 2019 was 408 million francs, 183.7 million francs was allocated to company salaries, all logistics and maintenance of premises. “Of this amount, added Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, we took 75.9 million commissions for the distribution of games at 2,450 points of sale. LoRo thus provides significant support to local businesses. ”

Victor Fingal

Created: 19.05.2020, 08h06


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