Lottery of receipts, change the mechanism and instant prizes arrive: this is how it works

The rule –

“This is an already written, agreed rule, on which there is no political problem, which will be included in the first useful legislative measure which can be simplification: it is an essential measure”, assured Freni. The new version of the receipt lottery was expected in the last simplification decree linked to the PNRR, now being examined by Parliament. The absence of him had led to think of a waiver of the measure by the government as already done with the cashback, archived since June 2021.

More incentive mechanism –

But Freni assured that the lottery will continue. Only this time the mechanism will be more incentive and easier. More similar to scratch cards than traditional lotteries with draws. It will always be mandatory to register, using your tax code, at the Revenue Agency website to have your own code and you will need to make purchases by card.

Only 5 thousand participants per month –

Entered into force on February 1, 2021, the receipt lottery does not seem to have aroused great interest among taxpayers / consumers despite the not insignificant amount of prizes (an annual super prize of 1 million euros is expected). According to data from the Customs and Monopolies Agency, if in March 2021 the monthly receipts associated with the lottery had touched the maximum peak of 25 thousand units, subsequently there was a constant contraction. Last fall, the monthly number dropped to just over 5,000. An almost irrelevant number if we consider, as reported by the Cgia di Mestre, that families in 2020 made monthly purchases for 12 billion euros of food and soft drinks alone.

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