Entertainment Lotto draws today and SuperEnalotto numbers on Saturday 1...

Lotto draws today and SuperEnalotto numbers on Saturday 1 August 2020

Lotto, SuperEnalotto e 10eLotto: the appointment with the winning numbers for today’s draw is back Saturday 1 August 2020. its this page, discover the winning sestina of the SuperEnalotto, the winning numbers of the wheels of the Lotto and the extraction of 10eLotto. Finally also the odds relating to any winnings.

Lotto and SuperEnalotto, all the draws

Who will win? After 20:00 we will know if someone will win the winning sestina which is worth a jackpot of 18.8 million euros.

SuperEnalotto draw today Saturday 1 August 2020

Update: no 6 or 5 + 1 but good ten 5 in the Superenalotto draw tonight: the winners go a little over 18 thousand euros. The thirteen 4stella are entitled to almost 25 thousand euros.

Here she is winning combination of SuperEnalotto today Saturday 1 August 2020, together with the Jolly number and the Superstar.

SuperEnalotto draw n ° 74 dated 1/08/2020

The quote
points 60€ 0,00
points 5 + 10€ 0,00
points 510€ 18.469,61
points 4866€ 248,36
points 329.944€ 19,81
points 2406.487€ 5,00

Lotto draw today Saturday 1 August 2020: the winning numbers

I Lotto numbers of today’s competition Saturday 1 August 2020. On this page from 20:00 live the extraction of the bed with the numbers of the 10 wheels plus the National one communicated by the Customs and Monopolies Agency.

lot extraction today 1 August 2020-3

10eLotto, draw on Saturday 1 August 2020: the numbers

And finally the numbers of 10eLotto, with the combination extracted today, Saturday 1 August 2020.

10 lot draw today 1 August 2020-2

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Draws today Lotto and SuperEnalotto on Saturday 1 August 2020

lot draws today 1 August 2020-2



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