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The changes explained

A series of changes are introduced in the popular game of Camelot.

The operator announced that it will increase the prize money of his Lotto game after a collapse in ticket sales.

Matching five or more balls plus today's bonus ball will see players winning one million pounds.

This on an estimated £ 50,000 that is currently based on sales.

The announcement also saw Camelot discard his lottery to finance the fixed plates for the remaining winning categories in addition to the jackpot.

This is also expected to increase in size and will pay more regularly.

The changes were in response to an in-depth review launched last year after sales fell by 8.8% in 2016/17 compared to the previous period.

The CEO of Camelot, Nigel Railton, said: "From the review it emerged that we had to create a more attractive and balanced range of games that offered something for everyone".

The national lottery balls

The review found that when the Lotto changed in 2015, players choose six numbers from 59, compared to the previous 49, the game looked too much like its EuroMillions of the same level, because it had become more difficult to win.

The jackpot can be restored five times in the future, compared to 10 currently.

The money will reach the fixed categories of the sixth draw, increasing the funds.

Five balls will win at least £ 1,750 and four 140 pounds, both will increase compared to the current estimated values, and three balls will be £ 30 pounds, compared to £ 25 now.

The base jackpot on Wednesday will increase from £ 1.8 million to £ 2 million, and on Saturday from £ 3.1 million to £ 3.8 million.

The maximum amount on a rollover will, however, decrease from £ 22 million currently to around £ 11 million on a Wednesday and £ 12 million on a Saturday.



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