Lotto: Woman cracks mega jackpot – but then dies tragically


He had reached the jackpot – but only a short time later he had to go to the emergency room: Melissa Ede won 4.6 million in the lottery. She is now 58 years old.

He was only 58 years old: Melissa Ede disappeared last weekend. She was immediately taken to the emergency room – suspected heart attack – but all help came too late. Only a few days later she died in the circle of her better half.

Transgender: the woman wins 4.6 million euros in the lottery and realizes dreams for life

But everything could have been so beautiful: in the end, the English woman, who had previously gone out for a transgender, had broken the lottery jackpot. In the end, he won four million pounds (4.6 million euros) thanks to a scratch card! Ede, who worked as a taxi driver, could not believe his luck. Only three days before his grand prize, he had made a request to his great love, Rachel. With the money, she was able to fulfill her dream and finally promote her sex change.

She had dared to step up after her ex and mother of her five children separated from her for a deal years ago. Later, he told the British Mirror that he felt like a "brand new woman" after he did it Almost € 60,000 for new teeth, fillers for lips and cheeks and spent Botox had. In fact, he now intended to tackle the "next phase" of his transformation – and spend another € 17,000 for a nose surgery and a facelift.

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In addition, the 58-year-old had granted herself and her fiancée a home worth over half a million euros. However, it is reported that the He invested the lion's share of their profits to have.

Lot: slippery House, surgery and videos: in the end, Melissa Ede dies at the age of 58

Ede, who lived in Hull, known from their slippery videosin which they are defined "Katie Price of HullIn it she danced in short underwear in the kitchen, laying in golden panties or pasting chocolate eggs on her breast.

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However, she is not "as crazy as people think," he once said. "In just three days I suddenly had four million dollars in the bank instead of a pound", recalls the British. "Life was very difficult before. Some days I couldn't even afford to eat. Sometimes it was just a bowl of cornflakes to get through the day".

When he won the jackpot, "he proved that it could happen to anyone, because if I came ten minutes later, someone else would buy the rubles." His fans have already left numerous condolences on Facebook & Co.

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