Louis Tomlinson of One Direction's sister dies at age 18: reports


The 18-year-old sister of One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson was found dead by a suspected heart attack, according to the news.

Felicite Tomlinson, a model on Instagram with 1.3 million followers, collapsed on March 13 after suffering a heart attack in London, reported E! News.

The Metropolitan Police Service reported to the news website that the police were called by the London ambulance service on March 13 about a woman in cardiac arrest.

One Direction's sister, Louis Tomlinson's sister, died at the age of 18.

由 E! News 于 于 2019 年 3 月 14 日 周四

"The police are going to inform you of the closest relative," the police said. "At this stage, death is treated as inexplicable. A post-mortem examination will take place in due course."

The London ambulance service told Sky News that it had "sent two crew members, a single rescuer in an auto and an advanced paramedic on the scene."

"Unfortunately, despite the efforts of our doctors, one person died," he said.

Such tragic news. Only three years after his mother died of cancer.

由 Daily Mail 于 于 2019 年 3 月 14 日 周四

His cause of death is not clear.

According to Sky, the singer of One Direction was "devastated and upset" after her death. In the report she was described as "lovable, caring, brilliant and beautiful".

A person who was with her called the emergency services.

Other details about his death are not clear.

According to the Daily Mail, Tomlinson, 27, was working in London when the police told him about his sister's death.

A family member told Mail that "she was a young woman absolutely adored and loved by Louis and his entire family".

"He had so many friends and was such a positive and happy person. It is a huge loss for the world," the person said, adding: "They are all totally devastated, as you can imagine."

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