Love horoscope for summer 2022

Summer is here and hot emotions are waiting for us! Now the mood is better, we are excited about the upcoming sea and mountain vacations, we enjoy the merry evenings in the park or with a cocktail in hand with friends and just the magic is in the air! Summer is a perfect season for love, romance, passion and a new thrill. Here’s what to expect every zodiac sign in love, according to the British “Cosmopolitan”.


Many of their relationships are heading in a different direction this summer. People are changing, situations are changing, lifestyles are changing, priorities are already different and everyone has different values. Let this happen, everything is fine. People come and go. In relationships with loved ones, you need to make sure you give yourself enough freedom and space to grow. They go through various changes with their partner – to share them, but to leave time in which they are not constantly together. To see which things fit together and which big events they expect together. Unattached Aries may be attracted by an earth sign – Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.


The focus is on completion, awareness of what a particular relationship has been used for, and removal from toxic, complex situations that no longer bring benefits. Tauruses are leaving the bad this summer, including the wrong people, and this will have a positive effect, even on the good people who stay in their lives. They do not realize how exhausting some of their relationships are, when they remove them, they will be able to invest time and energy in people who are really worthwhile. Unattached Tauruses will be attracted by an air sign – Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.


The workplace or the place where they go to a course or to study will be the place where they can find a new love. Probably this will be an ambitious fire sign – Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. The twins are looking for a lifelong partner, not just a dive. They want someone who is equal to them; which can inspire and challenge them. The committed will help each other, they will support each other. The twins feel help and support from other relatives. Summer is a time for promotion, travel, growth, broadening horizons, even a change of residence.

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They feel a vacuum in their love life. There is stagnation, monotony, boredom and this drives Crabs crazy. They need change, progress, action, dedication, stimulus. Let them make it all happen. They have to change their attitude, their way of thinking in order to change their lives. Put yourself in the place of others. They will get the insights they need to solve the problems in the relationship. Singles will be attracted to dreamy, creative, intuitive Pisces.


A period that will be like a dream come true or in other words – a truly love summer! Let them not waste their luck, let them realize who and what they really want, and pursue it! If they act, the universe will help them and bring them what they want. Time to invite someone on a date for the first time, to propose marriage, to go to the next level in the relationship, to create a fabulous relationship. Let them lead the partner and they will see the change they want. The unattached will be attracted by a water sign – Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.


Positive season and wonderful, beautiful summer romance for them! Maybe even more. They will travel abroad, can rest in a tropical destination and their vacation will be unforgettable. If they have the opportunity to travel, do not miss it. Great things will happen in their love life when they are away from home. Let them have faith and be confident in themselves – they deserve the best. Singles will like a representative of the zodiac sign Leo – opposites are attracted!

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Temptations, sex, eroticism, experiments in this field – this is the focus for them during the season. A hot and passionate period. They will want to play it safe, be good and kind, but they will not always succeed. They are great romantics, they will have many admirers and, accordingly, many temptations. But let them not miss their chance with a special person, because of something fleeting or because of the thrill. Let them do the right thing and they will be rewarded. The unattached will be attracted by a tense and pensive Capricorn.


They can be really dangerous people, especially in the romantic sphere. They are tense, secretive, jealous and incredibly charismatic. People are enchanted by them and only Scorpios decide what to do next. They may meet their soul mate this summer! This will be an air sign – Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. A man who will be powerful, independent and self-confident, just like them. And he will not obey them, he will not succumb to their influence. This will be a great battle, passionate and eagerly awaited by Scorpios. If they are committed, remember to find a balance between power and control in their relationship. Let them make sure that their partner feels valued, needed and wanted, and that they themselves feel that way.


They are great flirters by nature and love the thrill of the chase. They will want to be in noisy places, with cool companies, at great events and they will find where it is most fun. They will be naughty, playful, will catch the eye, will have a great time and will enjoy the company of new people. A representative of the other fire signs Aries or Leo, or Sagittarius, like them, will be the perfect partner for this summer. If they are in a relationship, be careful with temptations, sometimes they make mistakes …

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This summer they will realize what they need in their love life and what their behavior is in this area. They will understand when they interfere with themselves, when they sabotage something really good and how they allow themselves to be insecure to interfere in their relationships with others. They are tired of it. Let them leave it in the past and change. Everything will improve when they work on themselves. Unattached Capricorns will be nailed by an air sign – Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.


They will feel that some relationships will soon end and have fulfilled their mission in their lives. This is not bad. Let things go. Some people will be with them for life, others just for a while. To some extent, this end will come, because Aquarius itself is changing. They now feel more comfortable in their skin, they are happy, they are proud of their strengths, they are happy to be unique. Many changes await them, let them happen. Relatives will help them improve some of the important relationships with other people who remain in their lives. The unattached will be attracted to Scorpio.


There will be illusion, mystery, secrets and intrigue in their love life this summer. They can start a very passionate relationship, but one that few people will know about. They can even keep it a secret. They themselves will learn secrets related to their love life and relationship, as well as secrets of people close to them. They will face their truths, they will face themselves. Let them be fearless. The truth will have a good effect on their views on love. Unattached Pisces will be attracted to a dreamy Cancer.

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