“Love in a Camper”: Latino dancer Normunds is left behind before the show really starts

Breaking the ice with each other, young people who are open to love start a game in the jacuzzi, in which they have to be responsible for the number of their romantic partners, as well as reveal a shocking fact about themselves – the first sympathies and antipathies. For unknown reasons, everyone decides that Edgius is the one who has allowed the most fun lately. Also, everyone agrees that the same guy will be the one who will be the first in the “Love Camper” to give in to picnics. Will it be?

After the first acquaintance and laziness, all the cards are immediately placed on the table, because the participants have the opportunity to invite their sympathy to a date. At the end of the first series, there was none other than the Latin American dance teacher Normunds. Lawyer Elīza chose to go on this adventure with rapper Tom, student Maggie looked at Edju, singer Alise chose Rūdolfs, a metalworking expert, out of all the men, while biker Elīna seemed to be most attractive to the military David. The hardest decision had to be made by fire safety specialist Ivita at the beginning of the show, choosing between the dark dancer Normunds and the blond video operator Ronald. “I really didn’t like being the last one to make that final decision. But life is life. I chose the longest of the men. Bachata is a good thing, but I’m not a dancer,” Ivita commented on her choice.

Introductory show “Love camper on Thursday evenings, watch STV First!

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