Love in times of Corona: new border fence separates unmarried couples

For unmarried couples and families living in different countries, more than one hug over the fence is currently not possible. Observed by the police, numerous lovers gather on the Swiss border. There is talk of an “extreme load”.

Love in Corona times can be pretty difficult – at least if you live in two different countries: Around 100 people met on a Saturday alone at a fence that has been standing between the Swiss Kreuzlingen and German Constance for about two weeks.

The border, which is normally open to pedestrians and cyclists, now prevents unmarried couples from coming together. After all, you can chat and hug over the fence, as dozens of couples and families show.

Peter Lorenz and his Swiss girlfriend, for example, are troubled by the fact that you can no longer simply drive over to another: “That is an extreme burden,” says the technical employee from Ɯberlingen on Lake Constance. The border had not been felt before. Now couples without marriage certificates would have no chance to get to the other side. “You can only stand at the border. It’s a bit like it used to be in the GDR.” Every five days, he and his girlfriend now accept longer travel times in order to hug at least once.

Many other couples, students, and even families where one parent lives in another country because of the job, he observed. Everyone, says Lorenz, has the same hope: “That the virus will go away quickly.” The police watch on both sides and make sure that not too many people come together at the fence. “So far there has been nothing to complain about on the German side,” said a police spokesman in Constance on Sunday.


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