“Love Island”. Wiktor knew one of the participants before the program! “Szczecin is small” [PLOTEK EXCLUSIVE]

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Magda and Wiktor have already made themselves at home in Poland after returning from “Love Island”. Their relationship entered a more serious stage. The couple lived together in Magda’s Warsaw apartment. In an interview with Gossip, they told about how their feelings developed in the program, and Wiktor revealed a surprising curiosity to us. Before the program, he knew one of the participants well – they attended the same school.

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“Love Island”. Did Wiktor know Paulina before? “Szczecin is small”

“Love Island”. Wiktor knew one of the participants before the program! “Szczecin is small”

Magda and Wiktor fell in love with each other in the program, but at the beginning the participant was paired with Paulina for some time. He was chosen by her in the first episode. Then he said in front of the cameras that his heart beat faster. He adored his partner, but quickly realized that Paulina was not the chosen one of his heart. In an interview with Berenika OlesiƄska, he told about how he fell in love with Magda.

When did I notice that this isn’t it? Around the third, fourth day and I started talking about it out loud, but I don’t know if it was shown. Then we started talking more and more with Magda, smiling at each other. (…) During the second private conversation, we told ourselves that we want, we feel something, that we are drawn to each other. Fortunately, the next morning there was a pairing up and we didn’t have to wait any longer – Wiktor told Gossip.

Paulina found herself in the arms of Andrzej, with whom she stayed until the end of the program after the stormy experiences. Wiktor and Paulina come from one city. Did they know each other before the program? Fans pointed out that they both followed each other on Instagram.

Szczecin is small, everyone is really watching there. I’ve never spoken to Paulina. We were associated with seeing how Szczecin is such a large village with trams – said Wiktor.

It turns out that he was hiding a secret. He knew the other participant well.

As far as I know, viewers did not discover that I knew Andzia. We went to elementary school together. The viewers’ investigation is not always accurate and accurate – added Wiktor.

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Magda and Wiktor have serious plans for each other, just like the other couples from the program. Three final relationships are still going on. Who else did Wiktor know? Did he meet the participants from other editions “Love Island“? Who was the most faithful supporter of him? You will find out in the video materials at the top of the page.

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