Love off after 10 years. Pop singer Sarah-Jane separates from her husband.

It’s been a few weeks since the breakup. But as Sarah-Jane and her husband Dani Sparn now confirm, they have separated after ten years of relationship. They still want to work together.

“Yes it’s right. We are no longer a couple in private, »says Sarah-Jane to the «Blick». “But music will continue to be our common passion.” Dani Sparn also confirms this: “We separated at the end of September after four and a half years of marriage, but we remain friendly with each other.”

The two were together for ten years. The couple also had difficult times: After two miscarriages in 2019, they had to admit that “we would have broken if our thoughts only revolved around the desire to have a family”.

After the miscarriages, which each occurred after nine weeks of pregnancy, they said they had come to terms – “even without children. We had to learn to be happy like that.”

Nobody cheated

There was still a crisis, it started half a year ago. Any other partners should not have played a role in this. “We just grew apart,” emphasizes Sarah-Jane.

Dani Sparn has since moved out of the house they shared. The pop singer now lives alone with her two dogs in Rothenfluh BL. Originally she said: «In this house I want to grow old with Dani. He was a support in good days and bad. And he takes me as I am – with all my rough edges.”

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