Lowering the toilet seat is a health issue

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In many homes, a fairly frequent reason for discussion is the leave the toilet lid up after having used it. I don’t have scientific data to corroborate this statement, but it’s all about getting down and doing the study. But what we do have verifiable data on is the dangers of flushing the toilet having left the lid up. If you want to know more about the problems they can pose for your health, I invite you to continue reading.

It’s totally true. A group of American researchers from the University of Colorado set out to measure the impact of flushing with the toilet lid up. Actually The idea was to know if the coronavirus could be transmitted by aerosols generated in bathrooms with contaminated feces. To carry out the study they used two lasers, a toilet and measurement and analysis chambers.

The results, published in the journal Nature, surprised even the researchers themselves. They hoped that by flushing the toilet, by cistern water strength, small drops of water were thrown out and floated around the cup. But what they found is that they left farewell with great force until a height of 1.5 metersand also traveling at speeds that exceeded the two meters per second.

The largest drops, the ones we see with the naked eye, fall quickly and close to the toilet, but the small ones remain floating in the air for several minutes. The problem is that these water droplets are contaminated with pathogens such as E-Coli,Clostridium difficilenorovirus or adenovirus, all of them coming from our feces and our urine.

Those viruses and bacteria, which as we have seen remain floating in our bathroom for minutes, They will end up stuck to the walls or the floorbut also to towels, faucets or even our toothbrush.

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