“Lowest landing ever.” This recording is impressive [WIDEO]

Skiathos Airport has a very short runway, so landing planes are located a short distance from the nearby road, writes greekcitytimes.com. There are many warning signs nearby, but very often people come to see the landing with their own eyes. This was also the case on the day the recording was made.

It shows a Wizz Air plane that was just a few meters above the ground when landing. The blast of the machine blew the hairs of the onlookers, and some of them, impressed by the machine’s proximity, began to move away.

“Amazing!”, “You can see that we love this thrill”, “Amazing recording” – comments YouTube users.

Dangerous airplane sighting incidents have occurred near Skiathos Airport. Just a few weeks ago, a tourist recorded the Transavia take-off very closely and was literally “blown away”. After the incident, he was taken to a local hospital. In early July, a 61-year-old British woman fell to the ground from the terrace she had stepped onto to film the plane’s take-off. She suffered head injuries and was also hospitalized.

Sources: “The Sun”, greekcitytimes.com

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